21.6 MadGraphControl tests, including SUSY

Zach Marshall requested to merge zmarshal/athena:MGC_SUSYTests into 21.6

This implements a bunch more cleanup of MadGraphControl, including patches based on the implementation of the first SUSY tests.

One minor bonus is that it patches the transform error messages to say '50 characters' (which is the correct limit right now).

It puts the systematics module under its own logger, for a little extra clarity.

It implements the -nojpeg option by default, to avoid the generation of pictures of Feynman diagrams that takes a surprisingly long time.

It further cleans up the arguments of arrange_output.

It does significant cleanup, reduction, and trimming of the SUSY helper functions, which are almost ready to be split off from the main code at this point (though they are also a couple hundred lines shorter now).

It implements three new tests for SUSY configurations of MadGraph.

FYI @mcfayden and @hmildner

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