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Create track summary inside MuonClusterSegmentFinderTool

Nicolas Koehler requested to merge nkoehler/athena:R3reco into master


after !30649 (merged) was merged into master, running reconstruction on Run3 layouts (incl. NSWs) was broken since no track summary was added to tracks created inside MuonClusterSegmentFinderTool. This MR adds the TrackSummaryTool to the MuonClusterSegmentFinderTool and thus fixes running reconstruction. In the same MR, the MuonIdHelperTool is replaced by the MuonIdHelperSvc.

Adding @gotero to check whether I implemented the track summary creation correctly (lines 190, 420 and 715 of MuonClusterSegmentFinderTool.cxx).

Best, Nico

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