SUSYTools: FTAG & Tau updates

Merged Sara Alderweireldt requested to merge salderwe/athena:ST/FTAG_Tau_20200316 into 21.2

SUSYTools updates for:

  • !31061 (merged) BtaggingSelectionTool setup --> MinPt property. ST defaults to -1, but config sets 20 (10) GeV for EM (VRTrack) jets. Users will need to set the MinPt in their configs consciously.
  • Tau trigger naming

Note 1: There are tau systematics changes in the wp_checker unit test, so CI will fail until the updated reference is synced to cvmfs (it's already on eos).

Note 2: Changes for the new FTAG CDI are not yet included in this MR, as we need more info on the derivation format concerning VR track jets to implement.

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