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Switch all projects to LCG_97 and atlasexternals-2.0.62 (2020.04.03.)

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:lcg_97 into master

Switch all projects to:

as discussed on the GRC mailing list. Once this is merged we need to separately switch our Python3 nightly to the corresponding versions (tdaq-09-00-01, tdaq-common-04-00-01).

Changes necessary for LCG_97 compatibility:

  • Updated xAODDataSource to fix a coding error that was masked with previous ROOT versions;
  • Added HepMC3 to the runtime setup in Sherpa_i, since Sherpa now needs it;
  • Removed the explicit setting of external versions in the projects.

cc @akraszna @emoyse @wlampl

Edited by Attila Krasznahorkay

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