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BPHY8: Update of options and reduction of sets of isolation and closest track variables kept

This update of BPHY8 in preparation of the revalidation run on data15 and data16 includes the following modifications:

  • Update settings for muon calibration and smearing tool to latest recommendations.
  • Reduction of the number of produced isolation and closest track variable combinations, including thinning decorations for combinations not needed for the analysis, considerably reducing the size of the derivation output.
  • Thinning the ID track collection turned on (again).
  • Fix for properly keeping the closest track per candidate in the thinned ID track collection.

The ID track thinning and the reduction/thinning of isolation and closest track variables kept reduces the DAODs size by a factor of approx. 3.5 w.r.t. the last BPHY8 version which had only been intended for validation studies on a few selected runs.

The modified BPHY8 format has been locally tested on data and MC16 AOD input. The analysis team has produced small ntuples and validated their contents.

Once this merge request is merged we'll need a new derivation cache for the production of BPHY8 DAODs.

Note: There might be an automatic complaint about the file size of This is mostly due to the number of lines of comments documenting the options and their settings used in Please ignore this warning.

cc: @abarton

Edited by Wolfgang Walkowiak

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