Histogram definition and binning updates to InDetPhysValMonitoring

This MR updates InDetPhysValMonitoring to re-enable histograms which did not have a valid binning defined so far in the XML. After consulting with @sroe, the approach is to allow the re-use of existing XML entries to define (identical) histograms with different names - this is implemented in the InDetPlotBase class via a new argument to the book method, replacing an interface which was not used in the code so far. This feature is then used in InDetPerfPlot_Resolution to book the expert-level histograms for positive/negative charge consistently with the regular ones.

Also, we re-name the resolution histograms from reswidth to resolution to be more transparent to end users. Some further renaming is done to per-bin residual / pull projections and resolution helpers to follow a more consistent logic and be clearer to the user. For the projections, we clean up the booking to avoid hard-coded bin arrays, using instead the binning from the parent histogram.

Finally, a bug in the definition of the relative q/pt resolution is fixed.

Adding @sroe / @npetters for discussion

Edited by Maximilian Emanuel Goblirsch-Kolb

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