New package to evaluate the JMR uncertainties for Large-R jets called "FFJetSmearingTool"

A new tool called "FFJetSmearingTool" has been added inside the Reconstruction/Jet/JetUncertainties package. This tool can be used to estimate the uncertainty on the in-situ Jet Mass Scale (JMS) and Jet Mass Resolution (JMR) for Run 2 data (for now it will be used just for the JMR).

A Twiki page for the tool has already been written. It can be found here:

In addition, if you want to know more about how the tool works you can have a look to the following presentation:

This tool has been possible thanks to the help of the people from the "Jet In-Situ Scale and Resolution Subgroup" (one of the JetEt/Miss subgroups) among others. The people that have been involve in the development of the tool are Alberto Prades, Marcel Vos, Steven Schramm, Davide Melini, Javier Aparisi, Chris Delitzsch, Michael Nelson, Eva Brottmann, Andrea Matic, Xingguo Li‎, William Keaton Balunas‎, Sarah Louise Williams‎ and Lee Sawyer‎. (I guess that these are the people that I have to tag in the MR)

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