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WIP: Cleaning up PseudoJetGetter

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge master-PseudoJetGetter-EventContext into master

Goals of this MR are to:

  1. Put explicit EventContext in the IPseudoJetGetter interface to avoid needing to do the thread-local lookup in PseudoJetAlgorithm.
  2. Optionally, phase out PseudoJetGetter as a class entirely so we only have to configure and schedule PseudoJetAlgorithm.

Currently this is blocked by TriggerPseudoJetGetter(2), because this is in use by the legacy master trigger, and this is not possible to migrate to DataHandles + EventContext. It might actually be easier to do this if we follow step 2, because at that point we won't have any other classes that inherit from IPseudoJetGetter.

@delsart, @wbalunas, @loch, @peter any opinions?

Also I had to make some changes to JetIsolationTool, which AFAIK is not used, but I think the changes (just take PseudoJetContainer from SG instead of working via a getter) probably maintain the functionality.

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