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WIP: Move the RingerHypoTool to EgammaHypo package.

This MR is related to ATR-20143, especially to remove the warning messages that appear and was pointed in ATR-21548.

In this MR the changes were:

  1. Move all RingerHypoTool (MT, Mult, and python file) to EgammaHypo package;
  2. Add the TrigMultiVarHypoLib dependence in EgammaHypo in order to use the RingerSelector;
  3. Add in the ITrigL2CaloHypoTool.h the rings creating a FastCaloInfo that will be used for CutBased tool and RingerHypo tool;
  4. Change the MenuSequence build in TriggerMenuMT to use a unique HypoAlg and add the right tool for the chain (Ringer or CutBased).

This is a WIP until this isn't fixed. Since this will be fix I can test.

pinning @fernando, @thrynova, @jodafons, @wsfreund and @dbakshig.

Cheers, Micael Veríssimo.

Edited by Micael Verissimo De Araujo

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