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First set of changes to be able to run jets in DAOD_PHYS

This MR includes changes from release 21.2 to master to be able to run jet reconstruction and the calculation of additional variables in DAOD_PHYS. These changes are urgently needed for release 22 validation.

The changes include the following:

  • add functions and modifications to run replaceAODReducedJets, addDefaultTrimmedJets, addJetTruthLabel and addQGTaggerTool
  • New tool introduced to decorate q/g tagging variables in JetMomentTools
  • Added addCHSPFlowObjects which is needed by the tau group (tagging @cgrefe and @martindl)
  • Updated and added code in src to include latest release 21.2 changes
  • Further updates to decorate event cleaning properties to jets (DFCommonJets_jetClean_LooseBad and DFCommonJets_jetClean_TightBad) which required also changes to JetJvtEfficiency. This can't be scheduled currently because DFCommonElectronsLHLoose doesn't exist yet (needed for overlap removal)
  • copy all smart slimming lists and JETMX formats to master

The fJVT variable has not been included yet, needs changes to JetMomentTools first.

@zmarshal : I didn't manage to include D2 for truth trimmed jets because it couldn't find the truth jets despite being in the output. Maybe you could take a look if you have time.

Also tagging @wbalunas @sawyer @sschramm and @jcatmore for their information.

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