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Adding low-pt tracking with region of interest

@spagan @adimitri @npetters @goblirsc Merge request for adding low-pt tracking with a region of interest. Everything related to this addition is turned off by default, but added flags for:

  1. Turning on low-pt with RoI
  2. Selecting method of choosing RoI position (based on leptons, based on truth, based on file)
  3. Providing file with roi positions if desired. One can also run with a random RoI position by editing the postExec.

The RoI is implemented at the seeding stage of tracking, so these files have been edited to allow seeding only within the RoI. Track containers for the low-pt tracks have also been added. Low-pt seeds and candidates can also now be dumped into the AODs if desired by turning on flags.

Checks on this code have been performed with athena py joboptions files to make sure it runs as expected.

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