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Change muon trigger invariant mass hypo to be ComboHypoTool

Savanna Shaw requested to merge sshaw/athena:muonivmasshypo into master

Updating the invariant mass hypo used by the muon trigger to be a combo hypo tool:

  • Removing the invariant mass hypo alg, since it's not longer needed
  • Changing the invariant mass hypo tool to be a ComboHypoTool, and updating the logic a bit compared to what was in the hypo alg to make sure we a) avoid looking at the same muon twice, b) look only at muons that passed the combined muon hypothesis
  • Remove the specific menu sequence for the unvariant mass hypo, and added instead a ComboHypoTool to the combined muon menu sequence for invariant mass chains.
  • Updated the references, since this removes one step from the chain, but also because the counting for this last step wasn't quite correct before (it is now).

This also reduces somewhat the CPU time for the invariant mass hypo (ATR-21567).

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