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Write out the FS trigger vertices in to the EDM

Mark Sutton requested to merge sutt/athena:vurt into master

The vertex collection produced in the fullscan jet tracking has been added to the EDM so that it can be written out. The name is also changed, and many places in the code where the vertex collection name is hardcoded have also been changed - the previous "EFHisto" name was for the Bjet histogram algorithm vertex used in Run 2, so this name should be reserved for the implementation of the histogramming algorithm. For the new FS vertex using the offline finders, we need a new collection - this MR renames that collection to be HLT_IDVertex_FS, to conform to the new ID naming convention.

In principle, this sort of name should not be hard coded in all the tool configurations, but defined, and obtained, from somewhere central, but such a change would be for another day.

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