NSW readout and identifier fixes

Merged Alexandre Laurier requested to merge alaurier/athena:CleanMMReadoutElements into 21.3

Changed the MM strip numbering scheme to start from 1 instead of 0 to protect the identifiers. Positions in the active MM volume which have no strips now return strip number 1 to protect against bad identifiers. Strip#1 are never readout in the MMs so strip#1 is a way to reduce errors and warnings.

MM channelPosition now returns the centre of the strip instead of the lower edge. This change is also mirrored in the stripNumber scheme.

Fixed a flaw in the sTGC strip position not returning exactly centre of the strips.

Cleaned a few glaring bad coding practices and indentations (always WIP).

Adding @ckitsaki, @nkoehler to this MR.

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