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Update timing tune for 2018 (ATLASRECTS-4452)

Soshi Tsuno requested to merge stsuno/athena:atlassim-4451.v2 into master

In the previous update (ATLASRECTS-4452), the new timing tune was added, but not activated. Here, the MC run number is examined and set proper run number, so that the correct Pixel set up is configured.

Also, there were one type in SiliconProperties.cxx in the electron mobility calculation. This was discussed in ATL-INDET-PUB-2018-001.

The electron saturation mobility was corrected from 1.53(typo) to 1.43.

After consulting with SCT, the SCT does not use this value, thus, directly change this constant would be the minimum change for such legacy code. Note that such value is only used in Pixel only at once.

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