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Improvements of Starlight MC interface for passing generated events to Pythia8 for QED shower

Mateusz Dyndal requested to merge (removed):21.6-16 into 21.6

Several improvements to Starlight_i interface:

  • New function bool Starlight_i::starlight2lhef() which creates appropriate (temporary) LHEF event format file which can be then read by Pythia8
  • declareProperty("lheOutput", m_lheOutput) variable
 steers the setup (false (def) =original use of HepMC format, true = dump events to LHE file)

Testjob outputs for excpusive dimuon production in Pb+Pb are available at: /afs/ /afs/

Some validation plots showing (expected) broadening of dimuon acoplanarity are attached, along with the example JO. ha Screenshot_2020-07-10_at_14.50.01

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