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Remove non-ascii characters from codes. Mostly comments are affected.

Andrii Verbytskyi requested to merge averbyts/athena:remove_non_ascii into master

This is a general cleanup MR.

In this MR the non-acsii charactes are removed from the *.cxx, *.h and *.f files.

The search fro files with non-ascii (almost) characters was performed with:

find       . -type f  -not -path "./.git/*"  -name "*.h"    -exec  grep  -lP '[^\0-\x7f]'   {} \;
  • Most of the replaced characters are in comments and originate from a copy-pasted documentation (e.g. from PDF files).
  • Some are just math symbols greek letters/umlauts/ characters with grave/acute accents, etc.
  • Some charactes are "special empty spaces" or quotes.
  • Virtually all the occurances are in the comments. Some exceptions are attempts to cout:: greek letters.

The author names with umlauts/grave/acute accents were left "as is".

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