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Flag to switch off thresholds on calibrated jet pT

This MR adds a flag to switch off the thresholds on the calibrated jet pT. This flag is needed for the validation of release 22 to avoid differences due to changes in the jet calibration. The residual pile-up calibration depends on the number of primary vertices and therefore changes to the vertexing impact the jet calibration and can result in differences in the stored jets as we only store jets with calibrated jet pT > 10 GeV (for pFlow).

By default, the flag is set to True to keep the current behaviour of applying the cut. The new flag will be only set to False for the current round of validation. It can be set to False using via preExe:

--preExec 'from JetRec.JetRecFlags import jetFlags; jetFlags.useCalibJetThreshold.set_Value_and_Lock(False)'

Tagging @sschramm @wbalunas @sawyer @miochoa @jferrand @nicolaid @smwang for their information.

Adding the urgent flag because we would need this change for the July checkpoint.

Edited by Chris Malena Delitzsch

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