HGTD: adjusting envelopes and adding DetFlags

These changes make progress towards integrating the HGTD in 21.9, split up into two areas:

  1. Several adjustments to the envelopes for the various ATLAS volumes:
  • IDET should not include HGTD (for now), and therefore stop at z = +- 3420 when HGTD is turned on
  • CALO should not include HGTD in 21.9 (it did in 20.20), and therefore leaves r < 1148 mm open in 3420 mm < |z| < 3545 mm.
  • When HGTD is not turned on, there should be no changes (to allow for MBTS to be built inside of CALO)
  • Lots of discussions have happened in ATLSWUPGR-70, with help from e.g. @menke, @jchapman, @nstyles, @ncalace, @asalzbur and @dellacqu. We have been able to conclude that these changes improve the positioning of HGTD when inspected with visualization tools, jobs measuring the radiation levels, and volume-debugging jobs.
  1. This MR also includes the addition of the HGTD to the DetFlags, working towards ATLSWUPGR-90. Also here the intention is that nothing is changed for jobs where the HGTD is off.

It would be great to have someone like @jchapman have a look at this to confirm that indeed nothing is changed when the HGTD is turned off!

Best, Christian

PS. Tagging also @wyswys, @sch, @dshope, @aleopold, @tawang, @guindon, @salderwe, @lshan and @demers for info.

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