Add Large Radius Tracking to TrigFastTrackFinder in 21.3

John Baines requested to merge baines/athena:21.3-TrigFastTrackFinder-LRT into 21.3

Add Large Radius Tracking to TrigFastTrackFinder in 21.3 to enable performance studies in 21.3 providing a reference for subsequent implementation in master.

In order to reconstruct tracks out to ~100mm the following changes are needed:

  • SSS-only seeding mode of TrigFastTrackFinder implemented via a UsePixelSpacePoints of TrigOnlineSpacePointTool
  • Addition of a LRT_Mode parameter that : o Supports two step operation 1) conventional 2) LRT. Second (LRT) step reads an input TrackCollection, retrieve clusters on track and fill a map so that these clusters are not re-used in the LRT reconstruction step o disables sorting of triplets by lowest d0.
  • LRT 2step configuration in
  • Addition of a fullScanlrt parameter set in InDetTrigSliceSettings
  • LRT parameter set in InDetTrigTrackingCuts
  • test chain added by @hartj : xe0noL1_l2fsperf_trkmht_LRT in

Note: These changes do not affect any trigger chains in current trigger menus. The test chain is not included in any menu, but can be used in stand-alone tests. I have confirmed that there is no change to trigger counts in test_mc_pp_v7_build and test_mc_pp_v8_build

JIRA: ATR-21847

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