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MDT Overlay Configuration fixes for ATLASSIM-4693

Since !34522 (merged) was merged, use of the MuonDetectorManger requires that the MuonDetectorCondAlg has been run. MuonDetectorCondAlg requires muon alignment to have been run, which is not the case for simulation, digitization and MC+MC Overlay jobs. (Muon alignment is run for data overlay jobs.) This merge request drops MdtCalibDbAlg from the ComponentAccumulator-based configuration for MC+MC Overlay as it was unused. It also fixes the ComponentAccumulator-based configuration for data overlay such that MuonDetectorCondAlg will be included. No change in overlay output observed compared to the nightly prior to !34522 (merged) being merged.

This merge request also refactors the MuonGeometryConfig module a bit, which was done as part of the debugging process.

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