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WIP: Implementation of tracktwoMVABDT tau trigger chain

This MR contains changes to implement a chain that was being tested in 21.3

This is a WIP so any parameters are for testing purposes until all the tests pass. I am running and mainly.

The tracktwoMVABDT chain is a small modification of the tracktwoMVA chain: the getFastTrackMVA step updates the RoI using another algorithm.

Main issues

  • Error recording HLT_Roi_TauCore_MVA which I guess comes from using the same recordable name in If changed, the test complains that has to be modified. Is this expected?

IMFTFCoreMVABDT 0 0 ERROR ERROR in TrigCompositeUtils::createAndStoreNoAux Unable to record HLT_Roi_TauCore_MVA

  • For the new algorithm, I need to load the HLT tau object in TrigTauTrackRoiUpdaterMT but crashes at CHECK( tauJetHandle.isValid() )

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