Trig Navigation Bugfix and quality of live improvements

Merged Tim Martin requested to merge tamartin/athena:navDebug into master

Bundles a few modifications

  • The addition of and state == ActiveState::ACTIVE is a bugfix. The code now reflects the comment on the preceding line. Thanks to @mwakida for locating this issue.
  • The changing of the default parameter of associateToEventView from initialRoIString to roiString reflects that we now always attach an ROI link at each Step in the navigation.
  • The addition of Trigger/TrigAnalysis/TrigDecisionTool/share/ is for quick analysis of small number of events for a given trigger.
  • Additional debug printing added.
  • Additional logic added to navigation graph dumping, to dump nodes whose parent(s) were active for the given chain. Allowing failed features to be exported in the graph too.
  • Highlighting in the dumped graph by ***** the ID of the chain being traced through the graph.

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