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Implement ratio and etaphi2D plots for non-specific chain, ATR-20317

Moe Wakida requested to merge mwakida/athena:MuonOffMon_NonSpecificChain into master

I want to merge this change into master.

I implement the ratio and etaphi2D plots for the non-specific chain to Trigger/TrigMonitoring/TrigMuonMonitoringMT. (Ratio plots mean rate of each trigger step over rate of offline.)

I tested using below command (myESD.pool.root is made from mc16_13TeV.361107.PowhegPythia8EvtGen_AZNLOCTEQ6L1_Zmumu.recon.RDO.e3601_s3126_r11212/RDO.20759055._000042.pool.root.1 in the environment of master,2020-08-29T2101) --loglevel DEBUG --dqOffByDefault Input.Files="['myESD.pool.root']" DQ.Steering.doHLTMon=True DQ.Steering.HLT.doGeneral=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doCalo=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doEgamma=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doMET=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doJet=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doBjet=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doBphys=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doMinBias=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doTau=False DQ.Steering.HLT.doMuon=True Output.HISTFileName=HIST.root

and web display of HIST.root is

etaphi2D :

Ratio :

The document of functions is,

tagging @nakahama , @sshaw , and @ynoguchi for info.

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