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WIP: New topo and pflow chains, new CS variable: ghostArea

Tomas Bazzano requested to merge lbazzano/athena:master-lbazzano-V25 into master

This MR includes new topo chains with different reconstruction shemes: sk, cssk and vssk, and some new pflow chains: sk and vssk.

Different reconstruction alternatives are studied by changing variables: ghost area (wich is now a variable in Constituent Subtraction) and max area (variable in voronoi Subtraction).

Multiple Et thresholds are included (100,55,45,25 GeV) so that efficiency studies in terms of Turn On efficiency curves can be performed by bootstrapping.

For any comments or questions, please contact any of the people who have worked on this package: @lbazzano @gotero @mdaneri

@jbossios @khoo

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