Add variable radius truth jets

Karol Krizka requested to merge kkrizka/athena:truthvr into 21.2

This MR adds the posibility to save truth jets constructed using the variable radius jet algorithm. This is useful to create truth-level versions of analyses using track jets.

There are three parts to the MR.

  • Add JetCommon.addVRJets that schedules the building of the VR jets. It is based on addStandardJets, but calls addJetFinder with VR options. This new function is different from HbbCommon.buildVRJets. The latter also does a lot of work to setup the -b-tagging.

  • Schedule the reconstruction and association with AKt10 jets to be run as part of MCTruthCommon.addTruthJets.

  • Add VR jets to TRUTH1. The TRUTH1 derivation already contains AKt2 jets, which is why I think it is also appropriate to add the more "modern" version of track jets. Please let me know if this is wrong.

I've create a test TRUTH1 DxAOD from ./mc16_13TeV.700042.Sh_228_Zbb_ptZ_200_ECMS_EnhpTV.recon.AOD.e7947_s3126_r9364/AOD.21100317._000286.pool.root.1. All the necessary branches are there. The increase in size is ~1 kB/event.

Tagging @abuckley @gcallea @fdibello who are interested in this for the VHbb legacy analysis.

Not sure who to tag from JetEtMiss or derivation team to review this.

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