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BugFix MM Overlay and sTGC updates

Alexandre Laurier requested to merge alaurier/athena:NSWDigiUpdates into 21.3

2 main focus points of this MR: a bugfix and parameter updates.

Bugfix / temporary hack to the Micromegas overlay algorithm where a seg fault would very rarely occur. In some very busy signal events, the signal container can be larger than the background container and goes agains the basic assumption of the main overlay alg. The seg faults occur when an empty vector is trying to be accessed. For now, skip the overlay with empty MM digits.

The underlying source of this bug was not found. The MM digitization does not produce empty digits; the main overlay alg somehow tries to overlay a digit with a non-existing digit.


  1. Update the pileup time window fed into the pileup jobs for the NSW technologies. sTGC values were never properly set, and constrained the MM window to something more reasonable.
  2. Update sTGC charge threshold after deposit charge units were changed in previous MR.
  3. Match sTGC overlay time integration window to better match digitization and expected behaviour.

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