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Activation of new deadmap folder (ATLASRECTS-5014)

Soshi Tsuno requested to merge stsuno/athena:atlasrects-5014.v2 into master

The deadmap format will be changed in rel.22. The previous DB folder was /PIXEL/PixMapOverlay, and new folder /PIXEL/PixelModuleFeMask .

This new folder is not included in old global tag. Thus, in the job option, the DB-tag is specified, but this should be removed when the q-test update new global tag.

Unfortunately, q221 uses old global tag, OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-25, which associates PixMapOverlay-SIM-MC16-000-02. But the RUN-2 best-knowledge tag is based on PixMapOverlay-SIM-MC16-000-03, and new deadmap conditions also based on this tag (-03).

Therefore, the q221 test will not pass T0 policy. The reference file is updated.

On the other hand, the data q431 is no problem.

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