PowhegControl: changes related to reweighting - AGENE-1952 AGENE-1746 AGENE-1955

Four changes to the PowhegControl interface:

  1. If for_reweighting 1 is used (which makes the virtual corrections only at reweighting stage), reweighting is always enabled, even if no scale or PDF variations are requested
  2. for_reweighting 0 is now the default for ttbb and bb4l - these were the two Powheg-Box-Res processes which had for_reweighting 1 as default, but this option has to be handled with care
  3. Bugfix: the reweighting was disabled if no PDF variation was requested, even if scale variations were requested
  4. The syntax for deactivating scale variations is now the same as for deactivating PDF variations, i.e. users have to put a float instead of a list with a single float value (PowhegConfig.mu_F = 1.0 instead of PowhegConfig.mu_F = [1.0], same for mu_R)

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