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Run3 L1 Calo simulation code clean up

Jon Burr requested to merge jburr/athena:L1CaloMigration into 21.3

This is the first step in the clean up of the Run 3 L1 calo floating point simulation code clean up, preparing for migration to release 22.

Main points:

  • Creation of a new package TrigT1CaloFexPerf. In r22, TrigT1CaloFexSim should be used for the bitwise simulation
  • Code cleaned up and migrated into this package as they are understood. So far the processing of J and G towers is migrated and all MET algorithms. These give equal results to their equivalents in the older package. The eFEX algorithms were also migrated by @stelzer
  • This involved creating a new xAOD class: xAOD::GBlock and its associated container classes. These may want the attention of @akraszna

Tagging @bcarlson as well.

Apologies for the very large number of changes in this MR. This migration involves rewriting some very complex code so it was necessary to have a lot of this infrastructure in place to test that the clean up was successful before a MR could be created. ATR-22750

Memory leak removed and cleaned up SCEmulation algorithm added.

Edited by Jon Burr

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