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Simulation of L1Topo interfaces for multiplicity triggers

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In this MR the simulation of the L1Topo system is adapted to produced multiplicity objects based on thresholds configured through the menu. In order to do so, new classes have been implemented in the framework:

  • Count - stores the output of the different multiplicity algorithms and converts them into bit fields
  • CountingConnector - connects the inputs and outputs with the multiplicity algorithms
  • CountingAlg - base class for the multiplicity algorithms
  • GlobalOutput - used to store both decision and multiplicity bits, substitutes the previous GlobalDecision class

Only one multiplicity algorithm has been implemented so far, EMMultiplicity, as the inputs for the rest of the multiplicity algorithms are still not implemented in the framework. These will come in later MRs. For similar reasons there is no isolation requirement implemented in the algorithm EMMultiplicity for the moment. The L1Threshold objects are read directly inside the multiplicity algorithms (rather than in TopoSteeringStructure, where they are sent to the multiplicity algorithms through CountingAlg) as each type of threshold needs to be casted into specific types depending on the TOB type.

The multiplicity bits are propagated through the simulation as std::bitset objects due to the large number of bits (>64 for Topo1Opt0) needed for each L1Connector in the L1Board "Topo1". They are finally stored in the class FrontPanelCTP and can be accessed through the method FrontPanelCTP::optcableWord. They are stored independently from the previous bit fields corresponding to the decision bits computed by the decision algorithms.

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