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Write Pad Trigger Simulation Output to RDO

Yuval Zach requested to merge yzach/athena:feature/pt-simulation-rdo into 21.3

This MR adds support for writing the results of the Pad Trigger simulation to RDOs.

This is done with the help of PadTriggerRDOConverter namespace, which provides methods to convert a simulation PadTrigger array to a NSW_PadTriggerDataContainer RDO.

The changes were tested with a simple particle gun simulation run + an algorithm running over the output POOL file and printing out the Pad Trigger data. Example output is attached.

Possible future improvements, out of the scope of this MR:

  • Implement an IdHelper for the Pad Trigger
  • A package-wide enum for handling sector size (small, large) and endcap, rather than scattered class-wise definitions

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