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Use FSNOSEED for jet chains

Tomasz Bold requested to merge tbold/athena:seed-single-jets-from-fs into master

This MR changes L1 seeding for jet chains from L1J to FSNOSEED. However the counts change significantly:

chainComp INFO       HLT_j85_pf_ftf_L1J20:
chainComp INFO         stepCounts:
chainComp INFO           0: 5 -> 20
chainComp INFO         stepFeatures:
chainComp INFO           0: 5 -> 20

That may sound wrong, however it is in agreement with the counts of: HLT_noalg_L1J20 (and similarly for other threshold).

I believe the reason is that FSNOSEED seeding takes into account only CPT items whereas for HLTNav_L1J and even the "forceEnableAllChains" is not realy activating them. Now, what do we want? Tagging @hrussell @khoo @tamartin

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