Fix for BIS78: do not use COOL db for efficiency and cluster size for RUN3, see also ATLASRECTS-5800

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Default behaviour is to load efficiency and cluster size from COOL, anyway efficiency and CS maps including BIS78 are not yet available for RUN3 and this gives because entries in the maps corresponding to BIS78 are missing.

Two new JO have been introduced: ClusterSize_BIS78_fromCOOL = false Efficiency_BIS78_fromCOOL = false this allows to take efficiency and CS for BIS78 from parameters that can be set by JO and have reasonable default values.

In addition I changed the default behaviour for RUN3/4 : we don't use efficiency and CS maps taken from COOL but default ones.

modified: MuonSpectrometer/MuonDigitization/RPC_Digitization/RPC_Digitization/RpcDigitizationTool.h modified: MuonSpectrometer/MuonDigitization/RPC_Digitization/src/RpcDigitizationTool.cxx

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