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Run both iterative and adaptive vertex finders in the FS tracking

Mark Sutton requested to merge sutt/athena:vtx into master


Changes to run both iterative and adaptive vertex algorithms in the FS tracking from the jets, including factorising out the TTVA such that we can run separate instances of the TTVA for each algorithm.

This also changes the default vertex algorithm to be the adaptive, so that the counts will change

  • in principle the purpose of this change is to allow the jets to still use the iterative algorithm, so some further changes will be necessary in the code to switch to use this different vertex.

There is a remaining problem, is that a single entry in the trackcollectionmap should be returned by the Jet Tracking function, but now that we run two vertices, we have two entries, so should we return both ? Or only the one to be used by the subsequent Jet reconstruction, or the one needed for the Roi definition for the b-jets ?

Once these questions have been answered, I shall remove the debug printout, tidy up, and we can move forward.

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