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Draft: fastdigi and reco developments for HGTD

Apologies in advance to the reviewers, as this will be a bigger one (but in WIP mode still...)

To advance with the migration of the HGTD reco from 20.20 to 21.9 in parallel to the digi developments, @ncalace proposed implementing a simplified fast-digi. With this comes the need for a new structure to represent hits in HGTD, that has to inherit from Trk::PrepRawData similar to PixelCluster, SCT_Cluster, MuonCluster,... For this I have started to implement the HGTD_Cluster (and its persistification classes + the converters). A first version of the fast digi is available as well already, the reco migration will follow. This MR will be discussed in the Upgrade SW Integration meetings, and addresses the JIRA ticket.

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