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turn EventInfoTagBuilder off

Walter Lampl requested to merge wlampl/athena:noEventInfoTagBuilder into master

To my knowledge, the EventInfoTagBuilder algorithm is obsolete. This MR turns it off by default. Removing the code could be done in a second step.

This MR removes the following tag-like entries from the ESD and AOD:

  + BunchId
  + ConditionsRun
  + EventNumber
  + EventTime
  + EventTimeNanoSec
  + EventWeight
  + IsCalibration
  + IsSimulation
  + IsTestBeam
  + LumiBlockN
  + McChannel
  + RunNumber
  + Token

Moreover, the following per-event WARNING disappears:

RAWtoALL 08:57:03 SGInputLoader                                          0     0 WARNING unable to find proxy for  ( 'AthenaAttributeList' , 'StoreGateSvc+Input' )

cc @tsulaia, @akraszna and @gemmeren in case there is a use-case I overlooked.

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