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cleanup of legacy L1Topo (ATR-23196)

Daniele Zanzi requested to merge dzanzi/athena:ATR-legacyL1Topo_dzanzi into master

clean up of the l1topo menu in preparation for the conversion to phase1 algorithms (ATR-23196):

  • kept in legacy L1Topo boards only the items listed in run3 menu design and listed in the merger board configuration
  • moved to the phase1 boards all other chains previously configured in the legacy boards
  • reordered the chains to help identify the legacy and phase1 sets
  • updated the phase1 topo inputs in line with the latest version designed in 21.3, plus a couple of more items. I followed the suggestion to keep muon-only items in TOPO3B

@jodamp @rgugel @orlando @cmorenom @stelzer @markowen @aranzazu it would be great if you could have a look

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