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Draft: IDPVM - add plots for muon- and electron-matched tracks

For, we need a set of plots focusing on muons / electrons in Z samples. Since this is tricky to configure in current IDPVM (we lock away the configuration 🦆 for the truth selection when we use argument-less tool creators in PhysValInDet_jobOptions), I added two flags allowing to add a set of plots where the truth matching is performed w.r.t truth muons and / or electrons above 5 GeV.

@goetz @sroe @npetters @vcairo, is this something that could be useful to add to master (off by default), to avoid having to rely on code-archeology if we need lepton-tracks in the future? Is there a way to avoid duplicating the "non-matched" track plots?

Draft status for now to discuss

Edited by Maximilian Emanuel Goblirsch-Kolb

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