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Add further checks in L1TriggerByteStreamDecoderAlg

Rafal Bielski requested to merge rbielski/athena:l1-bs-decoder-detmask into master

Follow-up to !44943 (merged). Add the following new features in L1TriggerByteStreamDecoderAlg and the L1 BS decoding configuration:

  1. Check the DetectorMask and don't fail if ROBs from disabled SubDetectors are missing.
  2. Add a property MaybeMissingROBs allowing to set a list of ROB IDs which can be missing even if the DetectorMask flag is enabled. Add L1Topo ROBs to this list if we're reading Run-2 data, because L1Topo was under commissioning during part of Run 2 and is not guaranteed to be present in the data. Fixes ATR-23804
  3. Disable L1Topo decoding if we're reading Run-1 data, as there was no L1Topo in Run 1. Fixes ATR-23802
  4. Add a check of ROB status word and a property ROBStatusCheckLevel deciding what to do in case non-zero status is detected. For now, keeping this to just "Warning", i.e. print a warning and continue. This is to avoid potential interference with Run-2 data reprocessing. The Run-3 policy needs to be discussed with L1 subsystems. Relevant tickets are ATR-20745, ATR-23697

Thanks to @wiedenma for consulting this solution

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