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[ATR-23965] Auto configure input maker merging for empty steps

Tim Martin requested to merge tamartin/athena:autoConfInputMaker into master

Aims to let the InputMaker in empty Steps auto-configure how it merges its inputs in empty steps.

In steps where there is such thing as a most-recent feature (i.e. empty steps which are appended on to pad the end of a leg), we should merge using the features to test equality.

In steps where there is no feature yet (i.e. empty steps which are prepended on to pad the start of a leg), we should merge using the only thing we can be 100% is accessible which is the "initiaRoI" link added by the HLT seeding algorithm.

Crashed horribly when I tried to test myself. Requires re-compilation of all packages which use the changed public headers. Leaving the runtime tests to the CI for now.

Round 2 updates:

  • To provide consistency and to save CPU, we now cache a hash of the ElementLink which we identify on each incoming Decision Object as the thing which we are using to match "identical" Decision Objects and hence perform the de-duplication from the filters.
  • Better ERROR messages
  • Extra check for Empty IMs that an individual IM doesn't use both feature-matching AND roi-matching. That would be a mess.
  • Loosen the runtime validation checks. No longer require the "roi" link to be added in Empty IMs.

Still expecting runtime to fail, but with more helpful error messages.

Edited by Tim Martin

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