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Handling of log messages: AGENE-2016, AGENE-2024; Adding ttj MiNNLO: AGENE-2016

This MR does 4 things in PowhegControl, in 21.6

  • It adds the possibility to specify special messages produced by the external executables (powheg, madspin, openloops, etc.) which would be interpreted as error, info, or warning, regardless of if they are in stderr or stdout
  • It uses this possibility to solve the problems reported in AGENE-2016: HOPPET info or warning messages were sent to stderr which caused an ERROR in the log, and would make athena crash
  • It uses this possibility to hopefully catch silent MadSpin errors reported in AGENE-2024: there may be cases where MadSpin fails without causing an ERROR, but the job would not fail because the undecayed lhe file is still available
  • It adds a first implementation of the ttbar MINNLOPS, requested in AGENE-2055; that process was affected by the above mentioned HOPPET problem. It still doesn't work because of another problem, related to OpenLoops (see the ticket)

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