Update data/MC samples for SUSYTools CI tests

Sara Alderweireldt requested to merge salderwe/athena:ST/r22_fileupdateCI into master

Following discussion on !45546 (merged) I'm updating the config and refs of the SUSYTools CI tests to use different input data and MC samples. These new samples are based off p4631 but include the new isolation variables. Another update will be made once we have official samples with a tag including the new variables.

tagging: @janders, @cmerlass, @yoyamagu

Note 1: The SUSYTools CI tests use extensive ignore patterns and mainly check for new warnings or crashes. Don't worry about differences in file paths or INFO lines.
Note 2: This will fail CI until the new input files on eos have synced to cvmfs, I'll restart after the time.

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