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Changes to reflect forthcoming updates to eFEX TOB and xTOB formats

Alan Watson requested to merge watsona/athena:master-eFEX-TOB-updates into master

This request includes updates to the eFEX TOB/xTOB EDM classes to bring them up to date with planned xTOB format changes (addition of module and shelf number in the second word). This also reduces object size and storage requirements since it removes the need to store these as separate data words. The idea is to include these changes before any large-scale MC production using this code starts in order to avoid the need for schema evolution in the near future.

It also includes an update to the eFEX TAU TOB/xTOB class to support the new "hadronic fraction" variable (added for LLP triggers), as well as a fix to update the TAU objects to use the final eFEX numbering scheme.

Finally it includes a change to the TOBword getters in the EM TOB, changing the names from capitalised to lower case. This is arguably cosmetic, but since the corresponding getters in the eTAU and in the jFEX and gFEX TOB classes are all lower-case it would be source of error and confusion for one object to be different. Since one of these getters is already used in the L1Topo simulation an update to that algorithm is included as well.

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