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Expand eFEX tau

Nicholas Luongo requested to merge nicholas/athena:ExpandeFEXTau into master

This MR contains the following changes:

  1. Pull in ptMinToTopoCounts and isolation values from the Trigger menu for use in eFEX taus. This is necessary to be able to control eFEX tau isolation and minimum Pt from the menu as intended. This means changing those menu values will now affect actual trigger outputs

  2. Set rCore isolation decision bit, seed bit, and UnD bit in the eFEX tau TOB. This is necessary to make the TOB agree with the spec. Because of this, the effect of isolation the tau TOBs can now be studied.

  3. Fix the check in the eFEX tau algorithm that the central tower has >= 1 GeV. This was previously checked at 1 MeV scale instead of the 25 MeV eFEX scale. This should fix the problem of very low counts for eFEX taus compared to Run-2 as described in this JIRA ticket:

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