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B-physics trigger: fix Tag-and-Probe chains from BphysPEB stream (ATR-23615)

Vladimir Lyubushkin requested to merge lyubushk/athena:master-trkPEB into master

This MR re-enables chains like 'HLT_mu6_bJpsimutrk_MuonTrkPEB_L1MU5VF'.

The chain consists of the following steps:

  • l2io muon is built from L1 item, pure muon steps
  • build extended RoI around EF muon and perform fast and precise tracking in it
  • build J/psi candidate from l2io muon and tracks from the same SG::View, check chi2 and mass of the xAOD::TrigBphys objects

The xAOD::TrigBphys now has link to the single muon, so that no need to handle the problem described in ATR-23615

CC: @abarton

Edited by Vladimir Lyubushkin

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