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Including Combined Taus for L1Topo Algorithms

Anil Sonay requested to merge asonay/athena:AddingcTaus into master

This MR is aiming to collect eTaus and jTaus together into cTaus under the cTauTOB class, in order to use cTaus for the L1Calo multiplicity algorithms.

In case any decision algorithm will be decided to use cTaus, following menu implementation can be done under the Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenuMT/python/L1/Config/

        alg = AlgConf.TauMatching( name = 'cTAUabi', inputs = 'cTauTobs', outputs = 'cTAUabi' )
        alg.addgeneric('InputWidth',  HW.InputWidthTAU)
        alg.addgeneric('OutputWidth', HW.OutputWidthSelectTAU)
        alg.addvariable('MinET',    12*_et_conversion)
        alg.addvariable('IsoMask',   0)
        alg.addvariable('MinEta',    0*_eta_conversion)
        alg.addvariable('MaxEta',   49*_eta_conversion)
        alg.addgeneric('DoIsoCut',   1)

Related Jira, ATR-23420

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