Fix PEB streaming of CTP result - save all CTP data not just DAQ ROB

Rafal Bielski requested to merge rbielski/athena:fix-peb-ctpresult into master

As it turned out in ATR-24189 we need to save the RoIBuilder CTP ROB to the PEB output to be able to decode the CTP decisions for use in the TrigDecisionTool. The current implementation of the decoding software cannot create the relevant object from the DAQ ROB. Up to now we have been only saving DAQ CTP ROB to several PEB streams which made the use of TrigDecisionTool in their reconstruction/analysis impossible. Fix this by changing the streaming configuration to match the Run-2 setup where we saved all the CTP data (i.e. both RoIB and DAQ ROBs) to PEB outputs by specifying CTP in the SubDetectors list.

@dzanzi, @khoo, @astruebi, @palacino, this is critical for LAr for the pilot beams (cc @lily). I doubt it can make the release still today, so it will need to be patched in the SMK.

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