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EDM Design for L1Topo Decisions

Anil Sonay requested to merge asonay/athena:L1TopoEDM into master

This MR is aiming to create initial classes of L1Topo EDM, in order to write an xAOD objects of L1TopoSimulation's decision bits and the L1Calo multiplicity bits calculated from phase1 L1TopoSimulation.
Two different xAOD created from two different L1Topo simulation (L1LegacyTopoSimulation and L1Phase1TopoSimulation) run with following names,

  • L1_LegacyTopoSimResults,
  • L1_TopoSimResults,

which are storing the board name, clock and the decision words as CTP receives. In order to access the decision bits, these words needs to be decoded. The final format of decision will be discussed later.

Additionally, an L1Topo simulation internal file created to read this xAOD objects which can be used as an interface class if necessary.

Related Jira ticket is ATR-21721

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