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Add extra triggers for DF-level PHYS(LITE) matching [ATR-24269]

Jon Burr requested to merge jburr/athena:ExtraPHYSTriggers into master

After requesting feedback from trigger groups on the available triggers for matching DAOD_PHYS we found some missing ones. Many of these fall into categories that would not naturally be returned by the trigger API (e.g. prescaled or rerun triggers) so it's easiest for us to hardcode these lists as data files. As these are very simple I've just opted for a basic text file, but allowing comments to make the structure clearer.

I've checked that this results in new triggers added to the DAOD, however I have not been able to check that the rerun triggers work correctly as we apparently do not have files with those available. If someone knows of such a file I'm happy to check that this has actually worked.

Tagging @tamartin, @jcatmore for info

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